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Born and raised in New Zealand, Rhiannon comes from the joy of a large family and while having spent most of her child hood growing up at the beach in the country side, Rhiannon and her family moved back to the city for bigger opportunities. Having never studied art during high school, from a very young age Rhiannon spent most of her time focusing on her passion. While continuosly learning and developing her skills simply by taking in the detail of shapes and shadows of objects/people while exploring what can be achieved through continuous practice of art. Leaving high school young, Rhiannon jumped straight into the study of Media Arts at the Waikato Institute Of Technology, this is where Rhiannon got to really explore her love for art and develop her skills and knowledge further.
Through out her studied and since after, Rhiannon has had her work exhibtied in galleries around NZ, has hosted her own exhitbiton (October 2017, "Hyped"), as well as going out into the public eye and painting live for people to veiw.


While she enjoys creating a wide variety of art, Rhiannon likes to focus in the genres of lowbrow and surrealist art. While her artwork gives a feeling of dreamlike escapes, Rhiannon explores the depths of the subconscious and unconscious mind, while exploring the effect and relationship of colours through out her artwork. Finding beauty in the human form and nature and incorporating the two together to create a stunning piece of art.

"People ask me why it is I create the scenery of people/nature in the vibrant colours I tend to use. When I start a painting I get enthused with all the beautiful colours and being able to use them to express what it is I want the painting to represent/show. When I finish a painting I am able to stand back and view my work and take a step into the depths of my own mind, into an unknown world in which I am able to escape into and explore. Being able to look at nature and the human form and imagine what it could be like and feel in another world is something extraordinary. Placing the brush on to the canvas and allowing your self to explore and paint the depths of your mind and imagination into something like never before is the greatest pleasure and happiness of all."

- Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Visual Arts - 2015-2017
- Certificate in Media Arts - 2014

As for focusing on her art, Rhiannon also works as a private art tutor at art schools in her town, as well as hosting her own private art class/workshops. Rhiannon teaches all ages from toddlers up to adults, exploring the world of art with her students and teaching about styles/genres of art, techniques, experimenting with a range of mediums and more. 

"Having the opportunity to work with children/adults, expecially being able to use your passion to help peolple grow and develop in the creative feild, is an extremely rewarding job. Each lesson brings me joy as I can help walk alongside my students in their creative path, while they continue to grow within it. Not only are the students learning and practicing in their creative feild, but as I work alongside them I am also constantly learning from my stuents with all their practice and questions."



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